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Testimonials from customers

Your Pink Pockets definitely helped make an awkward situation easier for me. I had a lot of pop-in company after my surgery, and I was grateful that those pesky drains were discreetly concealed in Pink Pockets. I have neuropathy in my finger tips from chemo, and fastening safety pins is difficult at best. I am so glad to have found your product.

Gratefully yours,

Peg McWhertor, Orlando FL


My mother underwent a bilateral mastectomy last Thursday and her care has been made so much easier and more comfortable due to Pink Pockets. They are so easy to use and incredibly cute. If only they were able to stick to her during bathing time they would be perfect. We need Pink Pockets shower time. ;) They laundered well, staying adhered ready for the next use. I am so glad that I came across these. They have truly made a difference in her comfort and how she feels. Thank you. Kristy, Snellville, GA


My name is Karen Killoren and I live in Austin Texas. I would like to stress how much of a difference it made to me during my recovery to have my "Pink Pockets". I was not even really aware of the whole "drain" thing. I found out right before my double mastectomy that there might be a drain or two. I ended up with 4 drains for an extended period of time. Luckily, I had purchased a couple of sets of "Pink Pockets" and had them on hand. I started using them before I even left the hospital. I have actually met Diane and she is a wonderful person who has used her own difficult situation to make something positive happen for other women.

Karen Killoren, Austin, TX


I absolutely loved your pink pockets. I ended up putting them on the outside of a cotton camisole instead of the inside of a shirt, and it worked wonderfully. I had two drains on each side and it was difficult for me to use the conventional shirts with pockets on the I stuck the pink pockets on the outside and put the drains there!!!! It was such a relief when I had to empty the drains three times a day! Great idea!  

Jennifer DeForke


I put my Pink Pockets on the shirt I was going to wear home from the hospital following my bilateral mastectomy. They immediately helped me feel more secure and comfortable with my four drains. Two drains easily fit into each pocket. This is a great product. ies

Lynette McLean, Virginia Beach, VA


Diane was there for me in my time of need during breast cancer.  She got my Pink Pockets to me within 2 days because my surgery was in 3 days.  We exchanged stories and she made me feel like a woman again! I’ve been spreading the word about the great product and service ever since. The best!

Ellen, Carbondale PA


iI am 3 weeks post surgery and drain free now, but I had 6 cumbersome drains to deal with. I had a bilateral mastectomy with a diep flap reconstruction so 6 drains was the protocol. The drains were the worst part of everything and i am so thankful i had my pink pockets! My sister in-law gave them to me as a gift. I  had 10 pairs and they saved me!  I swear iI don't know how i would have managed all the tubing and grenades as my son called them. They are big, awkward and there just isn't clothing with enough pockets to hold them! I  adhered the pockets to everything!  Jammies, shirts, zip up hoodies, jackets etc. I was able to get dressed and hide everything. Thank you! 

Katie, patient at Smilow Cancer Center at Yale 


Love the Pink Pockets. They were in my IIIB Bosom Buddy Basket, waiting for me when I got out of surgery. I had two shirts with pockets in them already from my 2x-survivor sister-in-law, but the Pink Pockets let me use the brand-new pajamas my cousin gave me since I can put them in my own clothes. What a great invention!  

Carol Colvin


I am so grateful that I stumbled upon these. My mastectomy was on Monday and the pink pockets have been such a blessing for me in dealing with the drains. My friend who is taking care of me is a seamstress and costume designer and she is very impressed as well. I plan on telling my surgeon about these when I see her on Tuesday so that she can recommend them to others. Thank you Diane for making a difficult experience a little easier to deal with. 

Ann Volk


Pink Pockets are very versatile. It is a one size fits all because women can place them inside their own clothes so it leaves out the guess work on correct sizes. Some women also elect to have surgery using their own tissue and can have up to four drains per side. The pockets can be placed at various locations to accommodate drain site. Pink Pockets are also affordable for women who already have to pay a substantial sum for their upcoming surgery.

Runi Limary,
Director of Young Survivor Services,
Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas  (,
Austin, Texas

Testimonials from Medical Professionals: 

Our office does about 100 breast reconstructions yearly. When patients come for their pre-op visit, we review the risks involved, and what to expect post-op. Preparing patients to deal with their drains is a big part of the process. Everyone gets a Pink Pocket brochure. It gives them a non-threatening look at drains, and a convenient solution for how to deal with getting dressed when you have them. Patients come back with rave reviews about their Pink Pockets.

Dr. M. Scott Haydon, Austin Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (


Monica Rettigig, Advocate Condell Medical, Breast Cancer Patient Navigator

 Pink Pockets are a simple and comfortable way for us to help our breast cancer patients recuperate after a mastectomy.  Nurses and care-givers find them very easy to apply to patient’s garments and the fastest way to store the drains the patient needs for healing but always is troubled to handle. We are thrilled to have the product for our patients. 


Anna Ryan and Selenia Srabian, Annie & Isabel Hospital Gowns (

Pink Pockets are such an amazing and simple product for breast cancer patients to use after having their mastectomies. The pockets are so easy to apply and come in cheerful patterns! They make securing surgical drains that are often placed after patients have mastectomies so easy and comfortable. We, as nurses, LOVE this product because we often sell our designer gown to people that will be soon undergoing mastectomies and we love to be able to make a person’s hospital stay a little easier. We recommend Pink Pockets to all our breast cancer customers and have had a great response to this product!! We also think it is wonderful that these pockets were designed by a breast cancer survivor, someone who knows exactly what it was like to go through having a mastectomy.


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