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Surgical Drain Care

Mastectomy Recovery Made Simple
  • Peel & Stick drain pockets provide instant comfort and security. 

  • Each package contains 4 pairs of soft flannel pockets (8 pockets total)

  • Attach to your own clothing! No safety pins or Velcro! Instant pockets stick to any garment. Remove the washable pockets from garment when drains are gone. 

  • Have Pink Pockets on hand when you head to the hospital.  Nurses normally send patients home with drains safety-pinned to homecoming garment. Pink Pockets allow instant relief for the uncomfortable and clumsy drains which must be emptied and recorded several times a day. 

  • No need for expensive specialty shirts, gowns or robes (which cost anywhere from $40 to $90+).  Pink Pockets attach to YOUR CLOTHING, discretely hiding uncomfortable drains, and allowing patients to heal with dignity. 

  • Pink Pockets have been used by thousands of mastectomy patients on 6 continents. Proud to help patients recover in comfort throughout the world.

Benefits of using Pink Pockets


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Pink-Pockets are the answer to the question, 
“Doctor! What am I supposed to do with these drains?”
Drains are a pain! Necessary for healing but one of the more uncomfortable aspects of recovering from surgery. Drains may be in place for a few days and in some cases even longer.
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